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Bactakleen Contashield Disinfection film


Bactakleen introduces Contashield Disinfection film which is used as a protective barrier on contact surfaces such as touch screens, door handles, handrails, toilet seats, toilet doors, tabletops and many more. Contashield adheres to the surface to prevent cross contamination by killing the bacteria and virus on contact. The active copper ion particles work to continuously kill bacteria and viruses upon contact. Copper have been proven to possess powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Contashield is transparent and will easily last 6-9 months (or until the film is damaged) to give peace of mind especially in public places. Transmission of bacteria and viruses from contact surfaces is by far one of the biggest problems in this Covid-19 outbreak. Contashield can be used in schools, airports, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, elevators, escalators, retirement homes, offices and many more. It can also be cut into smaller sizes to fit on electronic devices such as tablets, PCs, smart phones, tv remote controls, light switches and many more applications.


Contashield saves property owners money as the cleaning process is simplified by just using a moist cloth to wipe on the applied surfaces. There is no need to use detergents.

Contashield was tested by Virology to kill 99.9% Human Coronavirus.

How it works:


All viruses have a protective layer that attempts to preserve the infectious DNA / RNA within, lipid envelope (enveloped virus such as coronavirus), capsid protein layer (non-enveloped virus). Nanosized copper particles produce copper ions that damage these protective layers leaving the DNA / RNA exposed. The chemical reaction occurs between the copper ions and surrounding oxygen, generating reactive oxygen species of superoxide and hydroxyl radical. This is highly destructive unstable radical seeks equilibrium by stealing atoms from neighbouring atoms, causing rapid damage to viral proteins and the DNA / RNA. Copper has the ability to accept and donate electrons as it cycles between the two copper ions states of oxidation. This redox property ensures the long term production of copper ion and hydroxyl radical which will continuously eradicate virus and bacteria without the need for wiping the surface or reapplication.

Areas Of Application
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