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Bactakleen Marvekleen – the ability to disinfect everything!

Bactakleen Marvekleen is the latest among the Bactakleen range of products that employs the latest
in technology to create safe disinfection for the human body. The special formula is designed to
encompass powerful disinfection without any adverse effects to the human body.

Marvekleen uses specially nano-sodium chloride that is electrically charged with electrolyzed water
to create a new substance called super hypochlorous acid that is a compound that occurs naturally
in our body and is produced by our white blood cells and is an essential part of our body’s immune
system. Super hypochlorous acid have been researched, tested and proven to kill viruses including
coronavirus, bacteria and is ideal for disinfection. Marvekleen is mildly acidic which is similar to the
PH level on our skin.

Marvekleen have the capacity to destroy harmful bacteria and virus on surfaces and water while yet
being completely safe on food and human skin. One application can allow the disinfection effect to
last up to several hours making it an affordable disinfection solution for daily use. Its active
ingredients are effective against Gram + and Gram – bacteria, MRSA, VRE, MRSE, HIV, HBV, HCV, Norovirus and Coronavirus. Marvekleen can be dispensed using a pump spray bottle, humidifier (to disinfect air space in a room or a car) or wiped on a surface. It also doubles up as a hand sanitiser. Marvekleen is literally nature’s “super disinfectant”.

Marvekleen has no colour, no scent and will not stain clothing. In the light of current coronavirus
outbreak Marvekleen is the ideal personal disinfection solution to be applied at the entry points of
workplaces, schools, gyms, offices, hotels, restaurants, religious centres, shopping malls, factories
and etc.

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