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Bactakleen Ultra Mist:
Bactakleen Ultra-Mist Fumigation





BACTAKLEEN ULTRA MIST SOLUTION is developed specifically to be used only with the Ultra Mist Machine. It instantly kills up to 99% of bacteria, virus and mold spores in the air conditioning system. Ultra Mist was also recently tested by SGS against human coronavirus and it was proven to kill 99% of human coronavirus in 10 minutes. In this current Covid-19 pandemic it was discovered that the virus was spread through air conditioning systems. Ultra Mist is the ideal solution to treat all air conditioning systems.


We recently received good news that our Ultra Mist product have been proven effective to kill the Covid19 virus by an American Government registered laboratory. Our Ultra Mist product is tested to have an efficacy of >99.95% against Covid19! Our product is the first of its kind in the world to receive such a result!


  • Kills 99.9% of the bacteria, mould and fungi.

  • Reduces the spread of Influenza such as H1N1, SARS and the common cold.

  • Improves air quality and reduces bad odour.

  • Helps individuals with existing respiratory conditions such as allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity and asthma to breath better.

  • Removes build-up of bacteria colonies.

  • Safe, non-toxic and environmentally safe.

  • Improve air-conditioning efficiency, thus reducing your electricity cost.

  • Flexible application techniques customized to your needs.

  • Provides immediate and long term protection against bacteria and viruses.

  • Clinically test proven by Chemlab, TUV, SIRIM and SGS.

Ultra Mist is applicable to all industries below:

  • Automotive

  • Homes and Offices

  • Industrial

  • Education

  • Medical

  • Fitness and Well-being

  • Food and Beverage

  • Shopping and Retail

  • Hospitality

  • Entertainment and Recreation

  • Tourism and Cultural

  • Transit

  • Non-profit Organisations

Ultra Mist is currently used by major car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Aston Martin, Isuzu, Ford, Daihatsu, Hyundai and many more. Ultra Mist is also used by many large hotel chains and corporate offices around the world.

Please drop email to info@bactakleen for service appointment.​

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Bactakleen house treatment (Vietnam)

Bactakleen house treatment (Vietnam)

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Bactakleen office treatment (HK) 2

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Bactakleen office treatment (HK) 3

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