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Bactakleen Disinfex Hand Sanitiser was developed to cater to the urgent needs to fight the
coronavirus outbreak in China. Disinfex is formulated with special key ingredient (Benzalkonium
Chloride) that is US FDA approved and recognized by Singapore Government Ministry of Health for its ability to destroy coronavirus and other bacteria. In combination with 30% alcohol the formula allows for quick drying time with added moisturizer to keep the skin subtle and moist unlike typical 70% alcohol hand sanitisers that burn and dry the skin. Disinfex also is able to provide longer protection than typical 70% alcohol hand sanitisers which have no protection once it evaporates from the skin. Disinfex contains a food grade binder that allows it to stay on the skin for up to 1 hour.

Disinfex Hand Sanitiser is fragrance free is not flammable making it safe to ship by air and safe to
carry around.

• Quick drying
• Proven anti-viral effect against coronavirus
• Fragrance free
• With added moisturiser
• Non-flammable

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