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Very nice scent. Most of all it's made in Malaysia and made from natural ingredients which is safe for my wife and kids. Fast response from seller as well since I need this pretty urgent. Thumbs up for seller!

Products: Herbal Hand Sanitizer

Date of Posting: 18 Nov 2018
Posted By: Leonardo D.
Kuala Lumpur

 I have two sons under the age of 4 and I am very concerned about their health. After I noticed a strange smell coming out from the home air-cond, I contacted Bactakleen to conduct the anti- bacterial treatment after it was recommended to me by a friend. I did some research and found out that air-conds harbour the most bacteria and mould which explains the strange smell. I know my normal air-cond service guy could not clean the inside of the air cond as all I see them do is spray some chemical on the exterior parts to clean physical dirt. After the anti-bacterial treatment was done, the air-cond smells fresh. They also did a special anti-bacterial coating for my taps, toilets and kitchen. It is a small investment to stay healthy. 

Products: Ultra Mist Solution

Date of Posting: 20 May 2010
Posted By: S.L. Lee
Kuala Lumpur

 My daughter who is 4 used to come home from school sick and I was worried she would pass it to my 2 year old son. I got Bactakleen to treat my house to prevent the transmission of bacteria within the house. It has been 4 weeks since we had it done and so far so good. I like the pleasant smell after the treatment was done. I have recommended Bactakleen to other parents who send their kids to my daughter’s school. 


Products: Ultra Mist Solution

Date of Posting: 14 May 2010
Posted By: L.W. Chong
Kuala Lumpur

 My daughter has an old SUV that I drive around sometimes. I have always felt that the steering wheel, handbrake and gear stick feel really grimy and the air-cond always smells funny. Because we always use this car to carry around food and other stuff, we’ve tried using air fresheners and charcoal to get rid of the smell, but they are always just temporary solutions. I gave the Bactakleen ultra mist fumigation a go and was amazed to find that the interior felt cleaner instantly! The steering wheel felt like brand new. What is even more impressive is that it got rid of the foul smells. We will be coming back for re-treatments regularly from now on. 


Products: Ultra Mist Solution

Date of Posting: 02 May 2010
Posted By: Mdm. Hong
Kuala Lumpur

Odour killer

I previously had a problem with sweat odours in my cars because I was cycled often and would get into my car when I was still sweating. I tried many other products but those only masked the sweat odours instead of getting rid of it. I can safely say that Bactakleen’s Odour Killer really works. It kills the bacteria that cause the odour and the Odour Killer’s lemon scent does not mask the odour.

Ms. Lim, KL

Cat pee. An odor that could and should be used to defeat enemies on the battlefield. It's disgusting, it's tenacious and it will never relinquish its smelly power from any object it touches. After scrubbing surfaces & spraying repeatedly with 5 other products I was thinking unthinkable things about my beloved tabbies. Until this product. I got my hands on bactakleen's Odour Killer and clouds parted, rage subsided and my nose finally got relief from that enemy cat pee. HIGHLY recommend. 

Lauren Wimmer, NY


My wife has a shoe room in the house and when I open the door it really smells! The humidity combined with sweaty shoes is a nasty combination. I sprayed Odour Killer into each shoe and also sprayed some into the air in the room. After about 20 minutes the shoe rooms does not smell like feet any more.



I have a lot of moss and fungus growing on the walls outside my house and it looks very unsightly. I did not want to waste money repainting the walls so I decided to try Bactashield as recommended by a friend. I sprayed it on the spots that had fungus growing and left it alone for a few hours and then returned to brush it off with a hard bristle brush. The moss and fungus really came off and the walls look much cleaner and I don’t need to repaint it!

Madam Hong, KL


Ultra Mist

My car had a musty smell for years and I didn’t know how to get rid of it. I went to a car wash which offered Bactakleen Ultra Mist so I gave it a try. I was pleasantly surprised that the musty smell is gone and the air from the air conditioner felt cooler.

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