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Bactakleen Odour Killer is a non-toxic water based deodorising spray that eliminates foul odours associated with bacteria. Manufactured using nano technology Bactakleen Odour Killer is formulated using green tea and citrus extracts.

It works effectively against bacterial odours such as urine, faecal matter, rotting food, vomit odours, cigarette smoke as well as chemical odours such as adhesive or paint odours. Odour Killer can be sprayed into shoes and can be used on hard surfaces such as furniture, walls, door handles, faucets, toilet seats, etc.

In tropical countries where a pungent fruit called “durian” is popular, Odour Killer is able to neutralise the durian odour. This is a powerful testimony of Odour Killer’s amazing odour removal effect.

Odour Killer also possess anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect. The lemon scent is there to freshen the object that it is sprayed on. Odour Killer does not use perfume to mask odours or suppress odours. It goes to the source of the odour and breaks the down the odour causing particles.

​Area of Applications :

  • Home, Hotels, Cars, Airplanes, Bus, Ships, Shoes, Helmets, Race suits, Gloves, etc.

Bactakleen Odour Killer
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