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How it works

Bactakleen combines the best of the 21st century technology from Japan and USA to offer a complete anti-bacterial treatment that is customizable and affordable. This combination encompasses a specially designed fumigation device to atomize our concentrated anti-bacterial solution into an ultra fine mist containing hundreds of millions of microscopic “nano-sized” cleaning particles and a special spray on anti-bacterial coating for contact surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, faucet taps, hand rails and etc.


Due to the microscopic size of the cleaning particles, bacteria and germs no longer have anywhere to hide.  For immediate results, this ultra fine mist is able to deeply penetrate into virtually all areas of the ventilation system, penetrate your home’s bedding and cushions, and vehicle’s interior including the carpeting, headliner and foam backing of seats, killing the bacteria and germs hiding there. The spray on anti-bacterial coating will protect the contact surfaces from bacteria growth, thus providing long term protection.






Bactakleen Anti-Bacterial Treatment can benefit the following industries:

  • Automotive – motor vehicles, aeroplanes, rental vehicles, used car sales, public transport

  • Industrial – factories, warehouses, packaging centres

  • Education – kindergartens, schools, Montessori’s, child care centres, libraries, colleges, tuition centres

  • Medical – clinics, hospitals, ambulances

  • Fitness and Well-being – gyms, spas, golf clubs, sports clubs, beauty salons

  • Food and Beverage / Entertainment – cafes, pub/bars, restaurants

  • Shopping and Retail – shopping centres, shop lots

  • Homes and Offices – houses, apartments, offices

  • Hospitality – hotels, motels, resorts, lodges

  • Recreation – cinema, gaming centres, casinos

  • Tourist centres – temples, museums, galleries

  • Transit – Airports, bus stations, train stations

  • Non-profit Organisations – orphanages, old folks’ homes, institutions

  • Others – Government offices, farms, pet shops, call centres

Bactakleen is able to cater to practically all industries and applications.


Image of Photocatalytic reaction by Bactashield Ultimate / AntiVoc solution

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